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When Nicola Milano  in 1889 started producing vinegar, he had a clear vision of the quality of the product. His son Andrea, who gave the name to the firm, continued his father's work from the teachings he received. Even then vinegar was the result of the harmonious mixture of the wine qualities, the devotion of the craftsman and the fitting technology.

Since then, the vinegar factory Andrea Milano has refined the techniques of production without ever losing sight of the great Italian wine tradition. The first beech chipboard barrels being left behind for the modern acetifying machines,but nothing of the heritage of tradition and experience, matured over the last 100 years,cartier replica watches has been sacrificed.

In the 90's the fourth generation , led by Andrea and Francesco , was a strong push for the growth of the company, aiming to internationalization and acquiring a historic vinegar of Modena , has now become the pride  of the Company that has allowed the expansion of the range with the production of balsamic vinegar of Modena . Now in its fifth generation , with the entrance in the company of Fabio and Marcello , the Acetificio Andrea Milano Ltd. is positioned as one of the most important producers in the sector .
The vinegar of Modena is the pride of the company and embraces the production of all the different balsamic vinegars with aging , from 25 years to 2 months .

The centuries of experience and passion handed down from generation to generation set up the production of the "Antica Acetaia Villa Vittoria" the Antica Acetaia del duomo and the line of condiments Villa Vittoria. The Andrea Milano vinegars are produced with grapes that receive their strength from the hot Mediterranean sun and transmit it to the vinegar so that sauces, marinades and dishes become appetizing.



acetificio Andrea Milano