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An organisation oriented to the research and continuous improvement is the guarantee of high-quality products and services. A laborious study, experimentation and accurate controls are carried out by our staff, made by specialised staff working for the protection and safety of consumers.

All certifications achieved testify to the business philosophy and the continuing efforts face to the improvement of the products, of performance and the services offered.

Quality Certifications
The creation of a system of quality arises from the desire to harmonize the internal procedures and formalise the control systems, in order to improve the quality of products and services.High Quality Replica Watches

The Certification of Company Quality System, especially in the food sector, are very important, as they guarantee the traceability of the product safety and health and hygiene, in attesting to the seriousness of the producer and the optimization of business management.

An international certification body, independent and recognised, is a guarantee of periodic inspections serious and objective. The intention of the certificates of quality is to create the international standards of food safety, in order to provide uniform evaluation criteria for all the companies involved in the chain of distribution of food by ensuring, in this way, the highest level of transparency as possible.

Our Quality System is subjected to thorough annual checks according to many standard from 1998.

The standard BRC was created on the initiative of British retailers, which wanted set of basic requirements for the Safety of products.
This certification, much like the ifs, represents a further test of commitment of the company in order to offer consumers quality food.
CERTIFICATION n. A 04746P Date of Issue 30.05.08

 The International food standard - IFS certification guarantees to the customer that the safety of the products is accurate, and that each bottle of vinegar can be traced to include all information on raw materials,date of production and quality.


The Certificate of Conformity with EC Reg. 834/07, issued by CCPB srl, guarantees consumers the safety and authenticity of products from organically grown grapes and shows the certification body leads periodic surveillance audits, during which the auditors verify compliance with mandatory standards applicable to certified products. CERTIFICATE no. CZ/CC00508 (site in Naples) since 2006 CERTIFICATE no. CZ/CC00507 (site in Modena)

The National Organic Program Certification(NOP) means that the organic product complies with the regulation of production and marketing of organi food products as set forth by the United States Department of Agricolture under the Organic Food Product Act of 1990. 

On July 24, 2009 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena has been recognized as P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication). This indication designates a food product from a well-defined geographic area and produced according topclonewatch to production specifications (EC Reg. 583/09) and guarantees the quality and origin of the product through a thorough and rigorous inspections by the designed body CSQA. CERTIFICATE no. 21328 since 2009

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