The investment programme of Andrea Milano is aimed at the functional adaptation of a real estate compendium, consisting of a warehouse and an industrial land, located in the Municipality of Acerra (NA) within the industrial agglomeration of’ASI NA at the Silane locality.
First of all, it consists of building interventions, inherent in the complete redevelopment of the building and the soil, necessary to make the same conform to the stringent hygienic-sanitary standards in force in the specific field of the agro-food industry. In detail, these are structural works (tank stands, etc.), various masonry works (compartmentations, resin flooring, etc.) and general plant engineering works (hygienic-sanitary, fire-fighting, electrical, lighting, air-conditioning, video surveillance, burglar control, data transmission, etc.).
In the section production is found the implementation of the special systems to service of the production lines (Modular electromotive force plant, consisting of demountable and replaceable components at will, which allows the layout of the production area to be changed quickly enough to cope with changing needs over time, plant for the thermoregulation and recovery of residual vapors of acetifiers, etc.), implementation of transpallets, tanks, acetifiers, machinery and equipment for bottling lines 1 and 2, The realization of the bottling line 3 and l In the warehouse area there is a system of pallet racks and forklift trucks.
In addition, to support production, there is a quality laboratory, suitably equipped.
Finally, there are the administrative offices, functionally furnished.